Live, On-Line, On-Demand, Energy Management Training

Knowenergy, powered by TdS Dixon Inc is currently capable of delivering on-line, on-demand customized energy training, to a broad range of commercial, institutional and industrial organizations.  Drawing upon almost 40 years of energy training experience, delivering more than 2,300 workshops, our talented trainers will tailor a training solution to your situation, staff knowledge and experience.  We can even incorporate your energy data and situations from your business.

Some of our exciting offerings include: 

Virtual Energy Treasure Hunts

We can create a virtual, interactive experience that will introduce your operational staff to essential energy management principles and then engage all participants in a search for operational savings measures through an interactive investigation using your existing energy data, information and building automation systems.

Foundations of Energy Management

Drawing upon many years of training experience and curriculum development, let use configure a outcome based, live on-line training offering for your energy team, committee to staff in general.  Topics can range from energy basics of end-use systems to behavioural approaches, to organizational management systems approaches.   These foundational training solutions will build individual skills while engaging and focussing your teams on the relevant and topical issues in energy today.

Do-It-Yourself Energy Auditing

An energy audit can provide insight into the scope and magnitude of savings opportunities in your facilities.  Why not consider developing your team’s skills to conduct an internal energy audit or energy assessment.  Based upon Natural Resources Canada’s Energy Savings Toolbox (link) developed by our lead trainer, the workshop provided all the tools needed to Do-It-Yourself.

These are just a few of our offerings that are available in person and on-line.  Give us a call or drop us an email and we would be happy to provide a quote, including applicable incentives for these and many other topics that may be of interest. 

You’ll be surprised at the cost effectiveness of live on-line training!

Unsure about the online approach?  We’ed be happy to provide a free 30-minute online training session to demonstrate what’s possible.

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