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Our Experience at a Glance

Highlights of TdS Dixon’s energy management capabilities include


TdS Dixon Inc., led by Stephen Dixon, has for 30 years, provided energy management services to a broad range of industrial, commercial, institutional and utility organizations. Broadly recognized as a leader in energy management training,  our focus is simple; to build the capacity of organizations to use energy more effectively by developing individual skills, organizational best practices and providing tools for energy management.  Under the leadership of Stephen Dixon, with more than 40 years of energy management experience including more than 800 energy assessments, TdS Dixon Inc. has facilitated over 2,500 energy management workshops, inspiring and empowering more than 30,000 individuals from 1,200 organizations to save energy.


  • Specialists in organizational capacity building for energy management integrating energy management training with strategic technical consulting.

  • Key consultant to RETScreen International in the development of RETScreen v4, RETScreen Plus currently RETScreen Export.

  • Provision of support for energy management systems (ISO50001) implementation.

  • Provider of energy project review and analysis services to electricity and gas utilities.

  • Leading provider of training and organizational development for the implementation of Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) including advanced energy performance analysis and Monitoring & Targeting.

  • Specialists in advanced energy performance analysis services for complex energy systems in industrial processes/facilities and commercial facilities.

  • Provides independent energy assessments and energy audits to a wide variety of clients in the industrial, commercial, institutional and utility sectors. 

  • Provision of industrial site assessments for the application of real time prices and other market based pricing to utility clients.

  • Provides on-going energy management training to electric utilities and their customers.

  • Development of advanced software packages for energy engineering analysis, energy performance analysis and energy monitoring.

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